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                           Hi , and Welcome !!

                     FloorUSA is dedicated to "All" the men & women of the Floorcovering Trade. Our Mission is to "Promote & Support" the thousands of Independent Flooring Installers and Contractors throughout America. We are inviting all flooring professionals to join us. Hardwood installers, carpet installers, carpet cleaners and restoration specialist, flooring inspectors and flooring representatives, All, are welcome to engage in this effort!
                    Many organizations advocate their support for us in the Trade. Unfortunately, the help realized is devoted to Retail Stores and Warehouse Distributors !  The men & women of Our Trade have been yoked before Goliath, while the success of the floor industry is reborn daily, on the backs of "Installers"!

      I have been assessing the current trend by many websites to wrangle up installers and floor professionals. I want all of you to consider the value of these entanglements. I see pricey member fees, charges per lead, and charges if you get the job. Are you really getting something for your money, or are you paying tribute for the success of another big corporation???
More on this at FloorUSA NEWS!

      I would like to invite all our visitors and friends to check the "New" flooring forum. We have also added "Flooring Classifieds" to help provide an outlet for your flooring specials, announcements, used tools, and equipment sales. You may also add any excess flooring inventory you have in stock.
Guess what?? It's Free!!!

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                       Just Remember, the men and women of FloorUSA, is here to provide support to flooring professionals everywhere!
We'll make it happen.
Sometimes, ya just gotta get off your knees.
Put on your pouch,
Heat up your iron,
Load up the gun (nail),
it's time to Install,
"New Ideas"

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