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         I came from San Jose, California. This was a City of 50,000 people in 1959. I joined the local floor union in 1971, and became a licensed flooring contractor in 1976.

        We have initiated our website from the gateway of Yosemite Nat'l Park. We are located on 12 acres, a stones throw from the "Heart of the Mother Lode". Our work originates from floor retailers and past customers. We also run classifieds, when the need arises.

       Floor installers and contractors everywhere, are concerned for the future of our floorcovering "Trade". Through the years I have witnessed overwhelming changes to the trade. These changes have left us, challenged and uneducated, to the DIY mentality of the industry. These conditions, promoted our loss of wages, respect, and low-paying jobs for 20 years.

         Today, floor unions, struggle for new members. In Fact, the floor trade is normally part of another union, like painters or carpenters. I've seen floor trade representatives, that are painters instead of floor installers (Phoenix). It's no wonder why our wages and respect are blowing in the wind. The reality is, the Floor Industry today, does not support and promote its' own Trade. Training, support, and wage increases, are in the hands of floorcovering installers alone !
         For most installers, retail stores and supply houses are the only contact for information. New products, installation techniques, and job opportunities, are limited.

         Our objective is simple; promote and support, "All" floorcovering installers.

         Today we have the opportunity to change. The internet has provided ONE of the tools to change our situation. I know we can do more... I believe we all do.
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"Our Trade"?

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Wally Stiers

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