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    Our membership program is well underway. We want to Thank All of you, for your E-mail & support. I would just like to say, it really doesn't matter which membership level you choose. What is important? The Show of Support! When you become a member of FloorUSA, you've cast a vote to change the way "They" do business.
Tell your friends and associates about FloorUSA!!
Thanks Again for your support!!

In The News* 12-07-2004
FloorUSA has added 2 new pages to our website.
We have added a Special sales page for, Kahrs and Witex flooring.
Kahrs hardwood flooring is the Best floating hardwood flooring on the market. Of course, that's my opinion. Many other installers and retailers agree with me. Check the talk on the forums. If you like great pricing on a Quality hardwood floor, Email us!
Witex laminate flooring has been around a long time. Witex actually manufacturers many other brand floorings core product. That should tell you something. If you want great pricing on a Quality laminate floor, email us! One more thing, our prices beat most internet dealers. We also carry the complete lines of these manufacturers. If you know the product #'s, email us and we'll give you a Quote.
In The News* 6-21-2004
Well work is steady, but not ringing off the hook. How's the work in your area? Let us know!! We recently added the "Old Hardwood Flooring Gallery". This webpage will be the 1st, in a series, of installation and finishing presentations. We will demonstrate the steps and effort necessary to complete a successful flooring project. Since this is "New", I am interested in all suggestions and observations you may have to help us in our project.
In The News* 5-16-2004
We have recently added "Flooring Classifieds" to our website. We hope you enjoy this new program. The flooring classifieds are free, as bandwidth permits. You will be able to submit items for sale for 30 days. Pictures 10K and below can be added to your ad. You can also submit your own site URL that has multiple pics or added information for your ad. This will be a great place to sell unwanted tools or items you've been meaning to clean-out of the garage. You can also submit things you may want.
Have at it!
In The News* 4-24-2004
FloorUSA has just been hacked.
The friends and al-lies from Saudi Arabia has hacked our flooring forum twice in the last week. Due to the security flaws in XMB forums we decided to change our software and use Ikonboard software. We are sorry for this inconvience. We were able to salvage 20 members of the 96 registered users.
In The News* 1-12-2004
FloorUSA has just initiated the "Find an Installer" estimate form. We have already received estimate forms from customers in Florida and Southern California. This effort will be a Great Boost to our members. If your not a PlusMember I suggest you consider the "other" websites pricing and come back. The way we submit our site to the search engines and our page content, confirms we have been writing and submitting, the way they like it. Unfortunately, those of you that want "instant" ratings, will have to wait for about 2 weeks to a month. If your unsure about spending a "BIG 25 bucks" then perhaps you can bid on a limited 6mo. membership on Ebay! That's right, bidding starts at 5 bucks, but you won't get a Pic.

In The News* 11-25-2003
FloorUSA is agressively advertising it's "Search" ratings.
We are contacting professionals of the flooring community regarding the mutual benefits before us.
Hardwood installers & finishers, Laminate installers,
Carpet installers, Tile installers, Carpet & Floor Cleaners,
Flooring Inspectors, Flooring Distributors, Flooring Manufactures,
Decorators, Designers, and even Retailers!
Everyone will benefit from our Free and Low Price Advertising.
Customers will be the result of this effort!!



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