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Our Mission

              Your mission Mr.Phelps, should you accept it, will be disavowed by your peers, colleagues, and associates! Unless, of course, your successful.

               Our 1st Task; We have been working on our Search ratings and it seems to have paid off. I would like to Thank, Rick Lilley from the rslnetwork.com for his enormous contributions towards this effort. We are now engaged in a project to obtain affiliate links, and beef-up our metas'. I'm sure you've noticed that we now have Gooogle Ads. We've done this, to off-set some of our IP and website costs. Actually, we've done quite well, since June 2004.

               Our 2nd Task;  Technical support, has received a fair response from various flooring manufacturers and flooring organizations. We have also listed, all available installation links, in our old forum. I would like to welcome, Floor Service Supply Co.(FSSCO} for their sponsorship and support. I would also like to welcome, John Bridge Ceramic Tile. John has a great ceramic tile and stone setting forum. John and his associates have a lot to offer the tile setter or DIYer. You can find Johns' links on our ceramic memberlinks page. !

               Our 3rd Task; Certifications for all our flooring membership! This will enhance and promote, our individual "Business Success"! The link above, will offer information and contacts for the various flooring certifications available. There are projects, currently underway, that will offer particular certifications Via the Net. FloorUSA is undertaking one of these programs at this time. After 35 years in the flooring trade and business, with many knowledgable flooring associates, I think the time has come!

               Our 4th Task;
You must be aware that to achieve independence, you may have to give-up the retail floor store. I didn't say give-up the farm. In other words, we need a way to establish our own means of acquiring flooring materials and supplies. We need to provide contacts for flooring, supplies, and customers. By establishing these flooring services, we empower ourselves and our customers. Customers do appreciate fair, honest, and competitive services. Due to the nature of this effort, the 4th task may become the 1st! Customer and member support, will grant us success! Up the hill, down the hill, around the hill, can't stop, won't stop!! COUNT cadence, COUNT. If I die on the Russian front, bury me.... Do you know that one?? USMC '67' Nuff' that!

              Within the last several months I have written numerous letters to floor installers. Many of you share the same thoughts and ideas as we do. Disagreement creates stumbling-blocks. We may not agree on "all" issues, but, shared ideas must be a concerted effort to benefit. Lets talk about it. We need more contributing members! Hey, I can't do this all by myself, or can I??

              I would like to request webmaster assistance from any of you, experienced in this area. Trying to work and maintain this site by myself is taking its toll on me. If your not able to help, perhaps you would consider a donation that can be applied to this effort.

Thanks for your support!

Do this, "Support FloorUSA" !



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